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What If

What If

  • SERIES | Drama, Romance
    30 episodes | 45 min
  • Season 1 | 2014
    Country of origin: Lebanon, Syria
"In the complicated fabric of human relationships, there are those realities that present a delusive, picture-perfect ‘mirage' of happiness.

They are lived in all cultures and all societies, and have resulted in broken homes damaged beyond repair, and a sad reminder of how marriage can be ruined by the mistake of one or both partners.

""What If..."" has gone as far as adultery. It outlines marriage complexities, couples' insecurities, and broken relationships that lead to extra-marital affairs, like in the case of Roula and Hussam, a couple whose marriage went dangerously awry when Roula indulges in an adulterous fling with an artist she encounters by pure chance. Other players interfere to dig into the details of complex relationships and the mechanics of suspense for what goes on between a man and a woman, a husband and a wife: Najwa, Roula's mother, whose longing for exuberance drove her to the abyss of card games and Poker.

Ashraf, Hussam's father and a Bank owner, lives a secret marriage with his personal assistant. Tamer, Ashraf's son and Hussam's half brother, the devil incarnate playing dirty games to take over his father's possessions; and the love triangle between Shirine, Walid and Sarah - another story of escapism in its purest form. The themes of lust, romance, degradation, and guilt are the main play of ‘What if...

"" They revolve around the totally arbitrary nature of infidelity, and contemplate reasonably sane adults who got themselves into almost an insoluble dilemma.

While the characters are driven to tentativeness and sensual abandon, throwing themselves in a never-ending ambivalence, they still convey a powerful and undeniable message: marriage remains the building block of every society.

Sealed and protected by religious and social guidelines, it is yet one of the most fragile social relationships.

Broken from within, marriage ruins with it the structure of communities, jeopardizes the future of generations, and endangers the sanctity of families and human relationships. "
  • Abed Fahed
  • Nadine Nassib Njeim
  • Youssef El Khal
  • Abdel Moneim Amayri
  • Deema Bayyaa
  • Darine Hamze
  • Abdel Rahman Abou Zahra
  • Hazem Samir
  • Sara Abi Kanaan
  • Feryal Youssef

  • Samer Al Berkawi
  • Bilal Shahadat
  • Nadine Jaber