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About Us

Established in the 1950s, Cedars Art Production (Sabbah Brothers) offers a vital track record,
in production & distribution of internationally awarded Movies & high rated TV Series of Egyptian,
Lebanese & Pan-Arab origins and co-productions.
We hold and manage the full and worldwide rights of our produced content.

CAP holds a distinguished and excellent relationship with the TV platform of the Middle East, 
based on interpersonal and business associations with whom the company works very closely 
in filling their TV content, by providing TV stations with a wealthy and diverse library of Arabic 
movies, and series, children animation, movies and series, documentaries, interactive TV shows, 
musicals & video clips.

Moreover, the company is involved in a particularly large array of TV series productions and 
theatrical films: Lebanese, Egyptian, Syrian, Iraqi, and Gulf for instance the 1st sitcom to be 
produced for a live audience in the Arab World "6 Women & A Man" (Egyptian sitcom) (2007-2010), 
directed by Assad Fouladkar 8 seasons till now, as well as other renowned Arabic production series
being produced between Egypt, Lebanon, Syria and Iraq, featuring the most celebrated actors of the 
Arab world.