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Al Shahroura

Al Shahroura

  • SERIES | History
    30 episodes | 45 min
  • Season 1 | 2011
    Country of origin: Lebanon, Egypt
"This is the Life story of Sabah, Ashahroura Sabah, a legendary songster, actress, and with no doubt, an icon who has marked the history of Arab songs all over the Middle East and Pan Arab region. This biographical drama is portrayed in a brilliant cinematography over 30 episodes, and will be shown during the coming month of Ramadan 2011. In these episodes, the drama effects are cleverly enhanced throughout each and every episode, aiming to shed more theatrical light on tragic events, being the ongoing theme throughout the whole story.

Known for her charisma, beauty, kindness, splendor, and her remarkable ability to overcome hardships, Sabah is the immortal beloved by the millions... and yet, behind all that magnificence and unforgettable smile she hides a deep sorrow marred by surprises. As a vivacious lady, she maintained her gift to nurture love and embrace life even in painful times of tragedy and misfortune, and stood tall and remained strong, while at the same time remaining and a never-ending source of light, love, generosity and compassion. Along the road to fame and stardom, she had to face several obstacles, and sacrifices for which a heavy cost would be paid: a life forfeited and happiness renounced.

Despite it all, she believed in her talent, and the person life had molded her to be: the lady and the phenomenal artist. An emotional and extremely moving plot emphasizes on the path of events and crossroads that had majorly affected the life of Sabah, starting from her childhood and early beginnings in Lebanon, her rise to fame, to making her way to Baalbek festivals and the numerous concerts tha twitnessed her glory in Egypt, Europe and the US. The episodes will also bring to light all the persons who marked Sabah'slife, the network of friends and family, her husbands, the stars and celebrities of her generation, and mostly her children, the most aching section of her life, one that has left Sabah deeply wounded... forever scarred."
  • Carole Samaha
  • Ammar Shalak
    Najib Shammas
  • Rafik Ali Ahmad
    Girgi Feghali
  • Ehab Fahmy
    Farid Al Atrash
  • Alecco Daoud
    Said Freiha
  • Youssef Haddad
    Fadi Lebnan
  • Yorgo Chalhoub
    Wassim Tabbara
  • Georges Khabbaz
    Duraid Lahham
  • Ahmad Salamah
    Anwar Mansi
  • Carole Hajj
  • Duraid Lahham

  • Fida' El Shendawili
  • Ahmad Shafik